If it’s December, it must be Advent

It’s the first of December. What does that mean? An inbox full of seasonal offers, promotions, competitions and giveaways of course.

I love these more than any other marketing hook across the year. And I’m particularly delighted this year that so far only one company has tried to suggest that the 12 Days of Christmas start on December 1st. They don’t. This is Advent. The 12 Days of Christmas come after the big event.

Does this matter really?

Yes, I think it does for the ‘mature’ marketplace. Those of us born in the 1960s or earlier will almost certainly have learned about festive traditions in school. That means most of us know without having to check that all those partridges and leaping lords turned up after Christmas, not before.

Marketers getting it wrong is detrimental to their credibility. I know I’m probably at the far end of the grumpy scale, but if I can’t trust a company to get the facts right on something that is public knowledge, how can I know that anything else they say is reliable?

I don’t buy from businesses that haven’t done the research. Nor do I buy from businesses who can’t get to grips with the use of the apostrophe. People who grew up in my era know about these things, and many do care.

It makes sense not to waste opportunities in the mature market through carelessness and silly mistakes. It’s always important to understand the audience to get the best results.

And now I’m off to enter today’s competitions, click on today’s baubles, and obviously, eat my calendar chocolate.