Retirement is a happy place says study


In retirement people prefer swimming to walking says studyIt would seem retired people are actually enjoying life more, and that includes getting greater satisfaction out of stuff they were already doing before retirement.

Although work is viewed negatively, the researchers think it might be the context of work that’s the cause rather than the work itself. Many retirees continue to work part-time, but possibly all those pressures that go with work – like less sleep, lack of autonomy and time constraints – are contributing to a less positive view.

When it comes to physical activity, there is currently a trend to promote walking and active chores around the house as good forms of exercise. However, the study found that neither of these rate very highly with retirees. Running, cycling, swimming and surfing, and even playing with animals promoted greater feelings of well-being.

The study, “Everybody’s working for the weekend: changes in enjoyment of everyday activities across the retirement threshold” was carried out amongst Australian retirees.


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