Where are the wealthy retirees?

Wealthy pensioners are choosing cathedral towns like Gloucester for their retirements

In a growing and ageing population, the number of over 65s in the UK is increasing. And within that group the divide between the rich and the poor in retirement is widening, according to recent research from Experian.

That means experiences of retirement are pretty diverse.

For the more fortunate, good health and an active lifestyle beckon. With high disposable incomes the affluent retirees are tech-savvy consumers who are demanding in what they want and the quality they require.

With the north/south divide still very much in evidence, the place to find many affluent pensioners in the South East, although many are relocating to other areas to enjoy their retirements. That no longer means heading for the coast. Increasingly older people are choosing historic cathedral cities and market towns to spend their active retirements.

It’s a move that businesses and local policy-makers would be unwise to ignore. Experian estimates there are now about 1.3 million of these so-called “Smarties” who are shaping the areas where they settle around key issues such as local facilities and shopping experiences.

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